Our Approach

We don’t just ask “what do you want” and then a few weeks later say “here you go.” We take the time to discover what our client’s business is about and build an application that is custom designed based on the needs of their business.

We have a unique four phase, eight step process that allows us to create the ideal application for any business.

First Stage – Discovery & Planning

1) Business Discovery

One of our consultants will sit down with you and learn about your business and gather information about the companies needs.

2) Application Planning

Once we’ve gathered our information. We work with our client’s business to determine and develop the best mobile app solution for their business.

Second Stage – Proto-Typing & Design

3) Proto-Typing & Wire-framing

Our graphic designers come up with layouts based on the information provided to create an application layout that is both professional and user friendly.

4) Graphic Design

Our designers create and add graphics that are cohesive with the company’s image. We take content provided by the client and integrate it with the application’s designs.

Third Stage – Development & Testing

5) Development

Once the graphic design has been approved, our in-house developers begin coding the necessary functions required by the client for their mobile application. This could range from a news feed to booking tables.

6) Testing

Nobody like an app that has bugs, or worse, doesn’t function. We spend hours testing your newly developed app on various devices and platforms to ensure maximum functionality and compatibility.

Fourth & Final Stage – Launching & Maintenance

7) Application Launch

Once Design, Development, & Testing have been completed and the app is approved by the client,wWe launch the application to the marketplaces such as the Google Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store, to name a few.

8) Tracking & Maintenance

Now that your application has been launched, we monitor it to see how it’s doing in the market places. We check on it to see if it needs new features and updates as the technology changes.

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