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The Advantages of Mobile Apps

More and more of our interaction online occurs on mobile devices.  Over five billion mobile subscribers – about 77% of the world’s population – are online (Source: The International Telecommunication Union). This new type of […]

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Your business? There’s an app for that. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for you, most small business owners don’t realize how much untapped potential lies in this marketing medium. Yes, even for small businesses. And […]

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The Benefits of Having an App for Your Business

As businesses become aware of the growing importance of mobile marketing, many are still in the dark to as to what it actually is, how it works and what the actual benefits of mobile marketing […]

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My Website is Responsive so Why do I Need a Mobile App?

With internet access now available on a myriad of devices, mobile-friendly content is crucial for connecting with users as well as ranking in search results. In the last few years, responsive design has emerged as the primary method […]

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